PDFpen Pro 6.0.5

Edit, create and edit PDF forms and TOCs


  • Allows you to edit a document with pen
  • Allows you to add real signatures to documents
  • Supports OCR
  • Create and edit PDF forms and TOCs


  • Difficult to write with mouse
  • Doesn't support pen pads


The written word might be increasingly dying out but that doesn't mean that you can't have a pen at your disposal when you're editing documents. PDFpen Pro allows you to edit PDFs with a PDFpen Pro so it looks like real scrawl on your PDF documents.

You can add text, images and signatures, make corrections, fill out PDF forms, merge, delete and reorder pages. To edit, simply select the text you want to change and click "Correct Text" – PDFpen then magically replaces the original text with an editable text box. In this Pro version, you get all the PDF editing power of PDFpen, plus the ability to create and edit PDF forms and Table of Contents (TOCs).

Alternatively, PDFpen can be used to add a real signature to documents that you're sending electronically - such as by fax. It's not exactly easy to use the pen with your mouse but you can come close to a general approximation of your signature without breaking your wrist.

One added bonus is that the program can perform basic OCR (Optical Character Recognition) on your scanned document to make the text editable. Effectively then, it's an OCR software as well as a PDF editor. It has to be noted that basic is the operative word here and you'll spend a fair amount of time correcting words that have been interpreted wrongly before you can do anything else.

For adding real signatures to electronic documents or going through documents with a red pen like your teacher used to, PDFpen makes it very easy.

Fixes scanning on OS X 10.8.2


  • Fixes scanning on OS X 10.8.2


PDFpen Pro 6.0.5

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